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Start with fingers and thumb bunched forward above shoulder. Move hand downwards in an arc to end in front of waist at opposite side with fingers and thumb spread forward and apart.
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Hold one hand flat, palm down, horizontal in from of stomach. Start with other hand flat, thumb extended towards stomach and a short distance above first hand. Flip this hand over and into a thumb upwards fist so that blade ends on the back of flat base hand.
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Start with pointer fingers extended from fist and tips touching face just under eyes. Bring hands forward and out to sides slightly. Spread out fingers sideways (palms backwards), thumbs upwards and bring hands straight down.
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Start with one hand flat, palm up and pointing forward. With your other hand flat, palm sideways and fingers forward, bring hand downwards so that blade taps on other palm. Then tap one pointer finger on to the back of the wrist of your other flat, palm down hand.
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Form a C with pointer and thumb on both hands (other fingers in fist). Start with the thumb of one hand resting on top of the other pointer. Move bottom hand up in an arc so that it ends resting on top of other hand.
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Start with fingers and thumb pointing downwards and bunched together in front of waist at opposite side. Bring hand upwards in an arc to in front of shoulder; spreading fingers apart and forward (thumb also points forward).
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With pointer and middle finger extended apart, thumb pointing backwards (or holding other fingers in fist). With palm facing ear form a forwards circle. Then bring hand down, flattening hand, and tap blade down (with fingertips forward) onto the flat palm of your other hand at waist height.
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Start with fingers of both hands spread and interlocked (in the W sign). Pull one hand backwards, retracting all but pointer finger into fist (keep other hand still); and tap pointer tip onto the middle fingertip of spread hand twice.
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