About SignPlanet

More than just an online Sign Language dictionary!

SignPlanet was designed over 10 years ago (as the evolution of the CD-ROM Sign With Me released in 2007)  as a learning and teaching hub!

A place where anyone can search and learn Auslan (and more recently NZSL) for free;  and for subscribers to create customized resources like book translations, reminder sheets,  quizzes and assessment tools and so much more.

In 2023 is has received a full overhaul and modernization,  with all new code (and coding language) and a full edit of our extensive database.

Searching and creating is streamlined and so fast now!  Plus there is so much new functionality and features already in development and rolling out throughout the year.

In a nut shell: there is FREE STUFF and NOT FREE STUFF

There is a free-to-everyone dictionary that you can search or browse by categories;  and a number of free games and lots of downloadable resources.

If you subscribe the possibilities within this Signing World really begin!
Start making your own resources using our images in seconds with our incredible creation tools.

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About Premium (Paid) Services
More about what is free

More About Premium Services (Paid Subscriber Area)

When you subscribe a world of creation is opened up to you.

Make your own Dictionary pages, Flashcards, Dice, Writing Sheets, Circle the sign assessment sheets,  and fully customisable pages using our categories or your own word/sign list!

Watch more videos here

Plus unlimited downloads of our ready made resources

Online Game play to help you remember what you have learnt

There are two types of Subscriptions

Read more and subscribe here

Free for everyone

Our dictionary has over 2600 signs and Over 130 Categories

Every sign includes (most of these if not all):

More than just a dictionary it is a learning tool and history lesson in one!

Plus you have Free online games, tutorials and downloadables!

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