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When you subscribe a world of creation is opened up to you.

Make your own Dictionary pages, Flashcards, Dice, Writing Sheets,  Circle the sign assessment sheets, and fully customisable pages  using our categories or your own word/sign list!

Plus unlimited downloads of our ready made resources;  and online game play to help you remember what you have learnt.

There are two types of Subscriptions:

Before you can subscribe you need an account

ACCOUNTS are simply free to set up logins to this site attached to an email address.
On their own they do not give access to subscription areas without either

  1. A personal Subscription, or
  2. Being assigned as a Manager of an organisation or group within an organisation,  using the organisation subscription/license.

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For Personal Use

Single user licenses allow only one login at a time!
If you go to login on a different computer without logging out, on login it will ask you  if you want to boot out the other session and login at your current location
So if you share one subscription with someone else (say your partner or colleague),  and they are using it, you will kick them out of the site and log in yourself.

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WARNING: you must have an ACCOUNT first,  this link will take you to login or set up an account,  and then redirect you to subscribe

For Organisation Use

An organisation License/Subscription (formally known as Site License)  allows for Multi user license, multiple accounts and profiles active at once under one payment.
It has the following user groups/hierarch:

  • ORGANISATION: Is the administrative body that controls a site license.  It may be a government department, school, company, or training body

  • MANAGERS: An organisation MUST have at least 1 Account holder assigned to it as a MANAGER,  who is the over all administrative and accounts payable contact.
    Below them you have Group Managers, and general Staff

    All management must first set up a free login account (username and password attached to their own email)

  • GROUPS: An Organisation has unlimited GROUPS is can create  (eg a school within the state license, or class  within a school license, or department within a company).  You can appoint an “account” holder as a manager of a  group by adding them into that group

  • PROFILES: Is a user who can login with a QR code (ie no user name or password),  OR through your Organisation page with a user name and password. No email address is attached to a profile.  This is perfect for students and children for example.
    When they login they can use features but can not access any administrative or purchasing functions

Administrative and Group Managers can generate A LOGIN CHEAT SHEET:  Administrators of a group or the whole organisation can print a sheet  that has QR codes and also usernames and a pass key for students.  A group admin can use this to login a class for example
You can have varying quantities of seats (users) within a organisational license, contact us to determine the best package for you

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