Lote Teaching Guide: Volume 3

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This section contains all handout material referenced within the LOTE teaching Guide Volume 3.

Volume 3 is the first edition to have no included CDROM.

Stage 3 is designed to be used as either:

Revision and catch up is catered for in th teaching notes for new students, however if this is the first time teaching Auslan at the school start with LOTE 2 in High school, and LOTE 1 in primary schools.

What will you find here?

Within the book you will find reference to handout material and digital activities. These are found here under the same section headings used within the teaching guide.

Why isn't everything here?

I need to make money. In the past content on SignPlanet, and supplied in other digital mediums, has found its way onto other peoples sites as both paid for and free content.

This site is not government or charity funded, so we need to protect out IP. So at least for now you will need to purchase the printed teaching guide and only handouts and digital material (like the interactive teaching content, stories, songs and other performed works, will be located here.

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