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New Vocabulary Learning Resources

We are excited to unveil an innovative feature for enhancing Auslan vocabulary learning.
Our newly developed system offers a structured approach to introducing and revising sign language vocabulary, tailored to support effective and engaging learning experiences and that adapts to your abilities over time.


🌱 This early access phase is a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of our Auslan learning program. Your participation is crucial in helping us develop this innovative learning tool, which we are committed to expanding over coming months through to with full Auslan sentence capabilities in the future.

💡 Explore this new feature today and contribute to the evolution of our Auslan learning tools. Together, we can enrich the educational journey for Auslan learners.

The more you use it the more it adapts to your knowledge rate, and helps you revise signs you are less confident in.

Reinforce your learning through practice quizzes and games that are customised based on your personal progress and proficiency.

It even learns from your game play out side the learning area (for logged in users only)

Try it now