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Welcome to the new site

On 2 September we re-launched SignPlanet to an all new site.

What’s New to free users

  • Super fast Dictionary with new cropped (zoomed in) images of signs
  • Signs “More Info” pages now show you the history of that sign (when it was first documented and ever dictionary that ever recorded it); and when it is also used in other sign languages like ASL (American sign) so you can get an insight into the differences and similarities with our signing cousins overseas
  • New and updated games to help you remember signs you have learned
  • Even more categories of signs for you to browse and learn from

What’s new for subscribers

  • No more product codes, you now login with your email
  • No more time outs and you can Login on multiple devices seamlessly
  • Amazingly easy creation tools with instant preview !!
  • More refined Category trees to help you quickly make resources from pre created vocab lists
  • Fully customised drag and drop page creation from your own customised sign list!

For guides on the new premium feature, you can read more here

Log in now to get a full intro to all the new features Or watch the Youtube intro here

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