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HOW TIME GOES BY > Describing Time

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Auslan Past, Present, Future Auslan Past, Present, Future
depictions on how to perform signs relating to the past, present and future  <.pdf 2259 Kb>

Signs: today, tomorrow, yesterday, future, past, present, before, morning, afternoon, last, week, month, year, next, day, night, early, late, after, soon, now, later, quick, slow, long, wait, ago, time

Auslan Tense Auslan Tense
Depictions on how to add tense to signing  <.pdf 848 Kb>

Signs: long, time, ago, tomorrow, before, far, past, distant, recent, present, near, future

Auslan Ages and Birthdays Auslan Ages and Birthdays
Descriptions on how to sign birthdays and ages  <.pdf 579 Kb>

Signs: how, old, years, 6, 14, 29, one, hundred, 40, 3, my, birthday, is, 24th, of, november

Auslan Years and Dates Auslan Years and Dates
Descriptions on how to sign dates and years  <.pdf 994 Kb>

Signs: last, year, in, years, 1, 2, 5, january, 1997, 2008

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