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6 Signs Change Parenting 6 Signs Change Parenting
The first 6 signs to learn when signing with baby and why they're important  <.pdf 951 Kb>

Signs: eat, sleep, nappy, stop, hurt, finish

Auslan Baby Signs Auslan Baby Signs
FREE 12 page Baby Sign Dictionary! Includes clip-art, keywords, usage and how to perform the signs.  <.pdf 1042 Kb>

Signs: baby, bath, bib, biscuit, bottle, bottle-feeding, breast-feed, cold, cot, cry, dirty, doll, drink, dummy, eat, daddy, finish, good, highchair, home, hot, hug, kiss, milk, more, mummy, nappy, no, play, playpen, please, sick, sleep, sorry, stop, story, teddy, thanks, toilet, toys, what, yes, where

Toddler Signs Poster Toddler Signs Poster
These are the first signs usually introduced, whatever your age! Poster released for Hearing Awareness Week 2005  <.pdf 887 Kb>

Signs: sleep, finished, stop, sit, hurt, sore, tired, eat, food, milk, hot, more, nappy, dad, mum

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