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Auslan Class material for
Kindergarten/Pre-schoolers - Early Stage 1

This material is organised and designed to assist in the teaching of AUSLAN to children at the Pre-School/Kindergarten or Early stage 1 level.

It has been prepared by Lee Bilby, based on 9 years experience teaching Auslan to children, feedback from pre-school teachers and Child care workers; and on the following documents:
  • The K-6 Generic Syllabus Framework for Languages Other Than English k-6 (NSW)(ISBN : 0731075110)
  • "Defining Mandatory Outcomes in the K-6 Curriculum", by the NSW Board of Studies
  • WA Early childhood LOTE Framework (Open in a new window)
  • QLD - Preschool curriculum (Open in a new Window)

For a full Auslan LOTE curriculum, including preschool/Kindergarten click here - Auslan Online

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