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Auslan LOTE Curriculum and Support Material

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Class Plans and Curriculum Material

Teaching Auslan as a LOTE (Language Other Than English)?
You are not alone. In Victoria alone over almost 100 schools teach Auslan as their LOTE. Unfortunately the LOTE curriculum and support material has bee left to the individual school/teacher, which has created unnecessary confusion and burden on the individuals responsible for creating the curriculum and classroom materials. Throughout 2006 we discussed the needs and expectations for Auslan as a LOTE with teachers across the country and have produced a comprehensive curriculum, with all necessary classroom support material and teaching tips, for Australian educators.

We have divided the curriculum into the following areas. Each area includes a full curriculum, class plans and support material for the classroom and students.

  • Baby Signing - For children 0-4 years
    Coming Soon! This includes class plans and ideas, plus handout material and activities.
    For now, try the Baby Sign Section

  • Pre Schoolers/ Kindergarten
    Recently Updated! Class plans and ideas, activities, songs, on and off line games for the children, worksheets ...More
    Updated November 2007

  • Primary School (K-6)Recently Updated!
    Full Auslan LOTE curriculum, including Study plans, Classroom material and Assessment tools for each learning stage ...More
    Updated March 2008

  • Continuers/High School Level
    Curriculum and support material for every stage...More

  • Deaf Culture is a part of most curriculum, and included under the sections above. You can also view our Deaf Culture Links Page

  • Disability Inclusion is important, and in most countries also the law! This page has links to material outlining how you can be mre inclusive by catering for differences in your students.

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