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Two Handed Fingerspelling Font
This two handed fingerspelling alphabet is used in Australia, New Zealand and Britian.
These fonts differ when "extended" characters are used, such as numbers, questions marks and hyphens.

These fonts are designed to be "read", so they are as the receiver would see them. Note that Capital Letters have letters imposed over them, while Lower Case Letters do not.

Download the Fingerspelling Font file and save to your computer, then install it in a few steps. Installation Instructions

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Sample of the Auslan Font:
Auslan Font Sample

Installation Instructions

If your computer has an administrator account, you will need the administrator password to do this. Mac Instructions

PC - Windows

    Simple Method
  1. Download file and "Save As" - We suggest you save it to your "Desktop"
  2. On your computers desktop (or use My Computer to go to the location you saved it), use to mouse right button to click on the file
  3. Select "Install" from the drop-down list
    Alternative (Extended) Method
    Note: not used in Wondows 7, but you can drag the font file to the fonts folder to install
  1. Download file and "Save As" - You can choose to save it anywhere, we suggest saving your root drive "c:"
  2. Press Start > Control Panel > Fonts - A folder will open showing you all the fonts installed on this machine
  3. Using your mouse, right-click on the window background and choose "Install new font" from the bottom of the list - a "Add Fonts" box will pop-up
  4. Use the "Drives:" and "Folders" sections at the bottom to navigate to where you saved the file.
  5. Once you are in the correct directory, the font name will appear in the "List of fonts:" box
Add Font Window

Apple Mac - OSX

    Simple Method (tested on Snow Lepoard)
  1. Download the file and Save
  2. Go to the location with the saved file, double-click on the file. A window will open showing the font.
  3. Click the "Install Font" button in the bottom right corner
    Alternative (Extended) Method
  1. Download file and Save
  2. Go to Finder > Applications > Font Book
  3. In the Collections column, Control-click and select "Add Fonts ..."
  4. Navigate to where you saved the file and click on it
  5. The font will install automatically
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