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Time Telling Activities and Games here
Including the Schedule Board Builder - Enter three events and their times to make Schedule Boards here

Our Sign Language Font is also now available free to subscribers and includes Capitals with English letter, Lowercase with sign only and Numbers and Punctuation ! here

Number and Numeracy Activities and Games here
Including Times Tables Generator and 'Show me How to Sign (a number)'

Poster, Flash Cards or Labels Other templates in Teachers & Trainers

Template with Clipart and Descriptions, Arial Font Room Labels / Poster
Sign, Clipart, and Descriptions in boxes on a page

Template with Clipart and Words on front, sign and words on back, Arial Font Flash Cards
Cut out, fold and glue to make a two sided card without printing on both sides. Choose from Signs, words or clipart on either side
  1. Choose a Category to select signs from
  2. Select a template and any options. Select signs within the category you wish to include
  3. The next page will generate the worksheet.
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If you had a Teacher / Trainer Subscription you could create these :
Circle It Sheets
Great for both English and Sign Assessment
Writing Sheets
Helps Reading, Writing and Signing
Dictionary Files
Optional photos, clipart, descriptions
Fun with sign!
Sign Dice
Great for Game Play!

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