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This information has been requested by some IT personnel, to know how computers should be setup to get the best out of sign planet. Most computers need no special setup. has been designed to be used on the most basic of computers. Broadband is highly recommended.

Basic Requirements:

  • A computer with an internet connection
  • A Web Browser must be installed (see below)
  • Adobe Acrobat: This free PDF viewer is required to view most of the pre-made resources. Other viewers can be used, but have not been extensively tested. You can download acrobat here
  • Flash: even an early version should be able to view our video clips. The site will work without it, but you will not be able to view the video files without it. You will be prompted to install Flash if it is not already on your computer, and yes, it's free
  • JavaScript must be enabled. It is enabled by default on all tested operating systems, so unless it has been turned off for some reason, you will be OK
  • Screen resolution: We recommend at least 800x600, which is a low specification these days
  • Broadband Connection: While this site is highly optimised to increase speed by decreasing the size of files (and thus also your data costs), it is dealing with many images and video as well, so more speed is better. The most basic ADSL account is 256 Kilobits per second, and we would consider this the minimum. If your are in an area without broadband, we would suggest looking at a wireless connection (if available) or even a satellite internet connection. We have used both these methods and found them highly suitable for SignPlanet. Government subsidies are available.
Web Browsers we have tested:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, 4-8
  • Chrome (Google Browser), Chrome Mobile
  • Apple Safari
  • Firefox - has a known issue with selecting signs from multiple results in the text-to-keysign converter
  • Opera
  • While we have tested with these browsers, we cannot test every change with every browser, every time. Please let us know if you experience a problem.
Operating Systems tested:
  • Windows, whether 95,98,Me,XP,Vista,Windows 7
  • Mac OS and OSX
  • Linux
  • Android - Only later versions have flash for video, otherwise should be OK
  • iOS - Used in iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad - None support flash, so you will not be able to view video's otherwise most site tested - needs more testing
SignPlanet Mobile: This comes in two versions
  • Devices with 160 pixel wide screen. Sign searching only.No Javascript or Flash Required
  • Devices with 480x320 screen (eg: iPhone,Google G1 or HTC Dream). A larger site with search and tutorials. Flash is not required, though JavaScript is needed for the tutorials
  • Try it now
Freecall 1800-BILBY-PUB (+61-1800-245-297 or +61-2-4403-0326) if you require more information.

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