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A limited number pages, printable resources and tutorials are open access, so you can look around at some of the content available, but you'll need to subscribe and login to get the best bits!

What is "Kids and Carers" Vs "Teacher Trainer" Level access?
What is the difference between Single User and Site Licence?

Technical Information
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Choose Subscription Type A site license is great for schools and organisations that want to have multiple people logged in at once. You can set up groups and have many individual logins for each staff member, client and/or student.

Do you want to buy a new subscription? Choose from 6months (Kids and Carers only), 12 or 24 mth, and the access level from the grid below. Teachers & Trainiers level gets unrestricted access to the whole site. Kids and carers only get access to the functions under that menu on the left of the main page.
Kids & CarersTeachers & TrainersSite Licences
6 Months $40 ($1.54/wk) $65 ($2.50/wk) N/A
12 Months $60 ($1.15/wk) $95 ($1.82/wk) $635 (includes $135 setup) $2005 (includes $135 setup) $3085 (includes $135 setup)
24 Months $90 (86c/wk) $145 ($1.39/wk) $935 (includes $135 setup) $3740 (includes $135 setup) $5130 (includes $135 setup)
RENEW an existing subscription
Do you already have a subscription that has/is about to expire? Renew it here (you will need your subscription Product Key starting BSUB)
Kids & CarersTeachers & TrainersSite Licences
12 Month Renewal $50 (96c/wk) $80 ($1.53/wk) $500 ($9.62/wk) $1870 $2950
24 Month Renewal $77 (77c/wk) $125 ($1.20/wk) $850 ($7.69/wk) $3179 $5015
ALL subscription must select the following
Site Language
Payment Method
  • Features are subject to change without notice
  • If you wish to upgrade from one level to another, please contact us and we will pro-rata your remaining months
  • All prices are in Australian Dollars, and will be charged as such. They include GST
  • Payment is processed by Bilby Publishing & Consluting Pty. Ltd. via the secure server at
  • NZSL and BSL subscribers attract a 50% discount on listed prices as these languages have fewer signs and resources, and do not incur Australian GST(Tax)
  • Please read the full Terms & Conditions of Use
  • For those of you filling in Purchase Order our ABN is: 8510 3422 966

About the different types of subscriptions

Kids and Carers - for children and their parents, up to 12 years of age.
  • Online Games and Activities
  • Searchable Sign Language Dictionary with outline sign images PLUS many videos, colour clipart and pictograms
  • Resource Database - Search for a resource on a topic, or containing certain signs and type (worksheets, songsheet, cards etc.) - Only Children friendly and basic / intermediate level signs
  • Tutorials and Online Courses in receptive sign, based on our learning levels
  • Creators - Create Posters, Room Labels and Flash Cards
  • Time Telling - Introduction and Activities
  • Numbers and Numeracy - Introduction and Activities
  • Online discussion board - kids topics
  • Setup Profiles for each member of the family (up to 10). Track your tutorial progress and compare your scores.
  • Telephone support through our 1800 number (subject to availability) or email
Teachers and Trainers - access to all of the Kids and Carers pages (so you can put your students on it), PLUS advanced features for downloading and producing class materials.
  • Access to the Kids and Carers AND Teachers and Trainer Sections
  • Resource Database - Search for a resource on a topic, or containing certain signs. All resources, including sign language grammar material
  • Create custom Resources (dictionary pages, worksheets, dice or domino's) from Categories, Learning Levels or your own word list. Printable and Savable output
  • Online Text-To-Keysign Converter. Save the output, print or email between computers
  • Learn and revise Learning Levels and Categories using our online tutorial system
  • Setup Groups for up to 10 classes, and Profiles for up to 100 students
  • Online Text-To-Keysign Converter. Save the output, print, or email between computers
  • Online discussion board on resources and how to use them (all topics)
  • Phrase Interpreter - Enter an English phrase and have the signs displayed in sign grammar order! (under development)
  • Class plans, workshop activities and curriculum material
Site Licence - for a school or wider organisation
These have been expanded and split for June 2011. Suggested plans are below, but our system is flexible so we can taylor a plan to suit your needs.
  • Login from many computers simulaneously. Standard subscriptions only allow you to log in from one computer at any time
  • Small - Up to 20 groups (classes) and 100 profiles (user accounts)
  • Medium - Up to 75 groups and 850 user profiles
  • Large - Up to 200 groups and 1500 user profiles
Remember to check back frequently we're always adding more signs, resources, creators, games and activities.

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View a tour of the Adults Desk - including output examples and ideas, screen captures and a step by step guide to using each and every section of the teachers desk.
(Note : This is a power point presentation)
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