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Seasons of Year

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autumn    View Full Details Photo Avilable

Performance: With hands flat, fingers together and pointing upwards and palms facing backwards over shoulders; wiggle hands backwards and forwards, keeping fingers together.

Used Australia Wide

Sign forautumn

spring    View Full Details Photo Avilable

Performance: Hold one hand flat a short distance in front of body, with fingers pointing towards opposite side and palm facing chest. Start with the fingers of your other hand bunched together and pointing upwards just below flat hand. Move this hand upwards behind flat hand and spread fingers apart as hand emerges.

Usage Notes: Also used to sign flowered, bloomed or grow

Used Australia Wide

Sign forspring

winter    View Full Details Photo Avilable

Performance: Shake both fists above shoulders, as though shivering

Hint: Cold air makes you shiver.

Used Australia Wide

Sign forwinter

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