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Online Games for Audlts

Sign - Picture Match Up

Thumbnail of Game Instructions:
Select the category you want to practice and press GO
Find the Picture that Matches the Sign pictured
The game will keep your score, how good are you?
System Requirements :
Online game, only requires javascript.
Old version with Black and White Pictograms:

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Sign - Picture Match B+W
Odd Sign Out

Thumbnail of Game Instructions
Can you find the odd one (sign) out?
Choose a Level then Click the Sign that does not belong.
System Requirements :
Online game, only requires javascript.
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Know your Signs

Thumbnail of Game Find the word/phrase to match the Sign
System Requirements :
Online game, requires javascript.
Knowledge Required :
Basic reading skills, within the selected category, essential.
E.g.: If testing 'FOOD' you must be able to identify the words Apple, Bannana, and so on to select the word that corresponds to the sign.
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Online Tutorial Top
Tutorial Thumbnail
Move through the signs one at a time

Choose a Learning Level or Category to Revise


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