Searching the Resource Database

Entering Your Search:
First you enter one of the signs you want the worksheet to contain.  You can then click 'Search' straight away, or enter a keyword which may be the topic of the resource. eg: Sign 'Elf', Keyword 'Christmas'. You cannot currently enter more than one sign, though this feature may be added.

(Excluding Signing Kids Section)
You can then choose from the dropdowns you wish to include or exclude from your search. You can leave them blank and they will not be included in your search criteria.  If you select 'include' then only results of that format will be included.  If you select 'Exclude', resources of that format will not be shown.

Search Results:
Search results are given an "Intelligent Result Ranking" this is based on the number of matches to your search criteria, divided by the number of criteria entered. We also provide a weight to the number of times the item has been downloaded. This means that for two resources that are equivalent in terms of your search, the most popular (and presumably the most useful) will be shown first. This does however mean that new resources will appear lower down the list.

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