Using the Phrase Interpreter

This section is still very much under development, there are only a very limited number of phrases entered, but show the possibilities of this technology

Entering Your Phrase:
All our existing two and three part signs have been entered (see under the categories)
Where this technology excells is in phrases where there are definite nouns, verbs and adjectives. One simple example is if you type 'where is the' and then any noun in our database, it will display in correct auslan order.
Other phrases are 'I have many *noun*', 'she has no *noun*', 'I went to the shop to buy a *noun*', 'I am finished *verb*'.
Many more phrases will be added in the future to build a system equivalent (or better than) those that translate between many European languages.

Interpreter Results:
  1. The first stage will display any phrases found. The phrase will appear as a link. Click on the link you think will be the best phrase.
  2. The second stage displays the signs in auslan order. Signs are currently displayed four across the page. You can click on the sign or word under it to show the details for this sign
Do Not:
Type numbers. ie: Type '7' as 'seven'.
Forget to leave spaces between words. This is how the script identifies them. ie: 'seven pm' not '7pm'
Type the characters '*' or '^', in fact any punctuation could confuse except full-stops at the end of a sentence. The scripts will become more rugged with continuing development.
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