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Auslan Courses At Home

DeafSA is the South Australian Deaf Society. They have been teaching AUSLAN for many many years and understand that, while studying sign language in a classroom environment is prefered, there are many Australians who, for reasons of distance and work and family obligations find it impossible to attend a class.

Over the years both DeafSA and Bilby Publishing have received many enquiries from people who would love to learn AUSLAN but have been unable to attend a course. DeafSA have brought us the solution!

They have produced their 'Talking Hands' courses in DVD, CDROM and Video format, each including a student workbook, to help guide you through the course at home.

These courses aim to assist people learn this unique visual language. They are specifically designed to provide a progressive language acquisition in a relaxed and informal environment.

Trust me, you can not help but feel relaxed with Barry, the course instructor, pictured right.

Most signs are depicted from different angles, so you really can get a surround veiw of the sign. Fingerspelling is also filmed from the signers point of veiw, which really makes it easy to follow! All our testers have just loves these courses and we recommend them to both new signers and those seeking revision!

Teachers have also used these with children, and found them easy to follow for both adult and child alike.

DeafSa (SA Deaf Society) have developed 5 classes, each of which is outlined below. If you are not sure which is right for you just freecall 1800 245 297 10am-4pm EST and we will help.

Each course is available for $85
(which is cheaper than actually attending most courses and saves you fuel and time!)
Click the picture of Barry (right) signing butterfly to preveiw a clip online now

Requires a Real player (click Logo left to download)

ALL 5 OF THE TALKING HANDS (Auslan courses at home) DVDs

These courses have been especially developed by the Royal Deaf Society of SA to help you learn Auslan in the comfort of your own home.


Each course normally cost $90, but for a limited time you can get all 5 courses for only $360! (Includes free postage).

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Talking Hands 1 introduces basic vocabulary and grammatical structures as well as an insight into the Deaf community.
    Topics covered:
  • Overview of course
  • Intro to what is Auslan?
  • Strategies for learning Auslan
  • Fingerspelling
  • Meeting people signs
  • Numbers
  • Days of the week
  • Verbs
  • Family signs
  • General vocabulary
  • Intro to Deaf Culture
  • Everyday signs
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Talking Hands 2 will expand on series 1 and will provide further exposure to Auslan.
    Topics covered in series 2:
  • Revision (Talking Hands 1)
  • Colour signs
  • Time signs
  • Family & Friends (extended)
  • Basic facial expressions
  • Intro to Auslan grammar
  • Developing conversation skills: role play, information exchange, games
  • Work signs
  • Animal signs
  • Visual communication
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Talking Hands 3 will expand on series 2 and will begin to introduce you to Auslan grammer.
    Topics covered in series 3:
  • Revision (Talking Hands 2)
  • Basic Grammar Structure
  • Basic glossary: Topic, Questions (yes/no), Wh-questions
  • Shopping
  • Food signs
  • Money
  • Country and State signs
  • Family (descriptive)
  • Likes/dislikes
  • Holiday signs
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Talking Hands 4 will expand on series 3 and will help to develop your conversational signing skills.
    Topics covered in series 4:
  • Revision (Talking Hands 3)
  • Shopping signs
  • Sport signs
  • Picture it 1 (Any shape)
  • Party & Celebration signs
  • Some "Flat handshape" signs
  • Picture it 2 (All triangles)
  • Some "Bad handshape" signs
  • More shapes
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Talking Hands 5 is the last in the series and focuses on providing opportunities for students to experience converting AUSLAN to English. Furthermore, it assists understanding of the roles that each element of AUSLAN plays in conversation.
    Topics covered in series 5:
  • Revision (Talking Hands 1-4)
  • Basic Auslan/English skills
  • Role-shift
  • Basis of signed stories
  • History of DeafSA, Deaf awareness
  • Deaf organizations
  • Deaf inventors & inventions
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